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Prices mentioned are excluding VAT (between brackets are inlcusive of 19% VAT).


iQube, standard delivered with 4 alkaline batteries and a 8" goldplated mini-mini cable

Price: € 335,= (€ 399,=)


iQube & Ultrasone iCans Octa

Price: € 435,=  (€ 518,=)



iQube & Ultrasone HFI-450

Price: € 418,= (€ 498,=)


iQube & Ultrasone HFI-650

Price: € 477,= (€ 568,=)


iQube & Ultrasone Proline 750

Price: € 595 (€ 708,=)


PC USB charger cable, 80cm

To charge the iQube via a PC USB port.

€ 14,70 (€ 17,50)

Qables iPod performance line cable, 6"

To connect your iQube to your iPod with High quality sound.

€ 27,52 (€ 32,75)


Qables iPod Silvercab HiFi LOD cablel, 6"

Get the best out of your iPod's line out using this pure silver cable.

  € 45,80 (€ 54,50)
 Qables iPod Goldcab HiFi line out cable, 6"

Absolutely the best you can get, this pure gold line out cable for audiophile sound.

   Qables RCA to mini jack Silvercab HiFi audio cable

   To connect a CD player to the iQube, lengte about    2,5ft (80cm)

€ 172,= (€ 205,=)

  iQube wrist band

A trendy black iQube wristband. Comes free of charge with every order during the promotion sales.

Also handy to keep you iQube and iPod together.

  iQube detail picture


iQube detail picture
  iQube detail picture